Max & Barb
Max & Barb currently operate ‘Plantarium’, a large retail nursery in Mildura, and have done so for the past 14 years. Prior to that Max operated another Nursery in Merbein before diversifying into other retail ventures which included Darrell Lea Chocolates, Aquarium supplies, small restaurant and a small stint at beef cattle production all in Sunraysia. Barb’s list of business ventures included a retail seafood business in Mildura, a water desalination business in Adelaide and in USA before teaming up with Max in the Darrell Lea/restaurant/cattle ventures. In 2009 we purchased ‘Grampians Paradise Peaks’, which is a 5 bedroom brick residence accommodating 14 people, in High Road, Halls Gap. We so enjoyed the Grampians region and the challenge of bringing this property to the standard it is today, and it is these very same reasons and challenges that have inspired us to purchase “Marwood Luxury Villas”. We have a vision for both properties, and we will utilize our retail, hospitality and landscaping expertise to provide the ultimate in luxury accommodation set in a tranquil, animal-friendly, landscaped setting.